Sam Adams NFL sponsors a Private Equity Fund: Spokane Community Revitalization 2021

Invitation to hear a live informative meeting with former Seattle Seahawk’s Sam Adams, sponsor, the Fund: Spokane Community Revitalization 2021, open to Accredited Investors Only, will be at 4 pm Thursday, May 27, 2021. Summary: -Shock Center Sports Complex -St. Luke’s Rehab Center -Spokane Shock IFL Team -For accredited investorsĀ  based on Reg D 506 […]

Desmond Clark Announces Woodlawn Fund Launch

Summary:-Community revitalization fund based in the South Side of Chicago-2 square miles south of the University of Chicago and West of the proposed Obama’s Presidential Library-For accredited investorsĀ  based on Reg D 506 (c) The Ask:-$15 million Private Equity Real estate GP/LP The Deal Structure:-No management fee-No broker fees-80/20 GP/LP LLC structure-Cash investment is secured […]