360 Sports Agency

360 is headquartered alongside the other major agencies in the heart of New York City; however, no agency can properly support athletes without being by their side. We are preparing to open offices in more than 1,200 communities, nationwide. We even plan to expand internationally! 360 Sports is structured the same as any other nationally branded agency. Whether it be insurance, real estate or wealth management , 360 follows the same exact business model. We are launching a national name brand, opening up community based offices and employing local qualified people to carry out our mission. The positive side effect of helping athletes is in providing quality of life jobs for people in the field of sports management. Our people consist of positive minded social butterflies who are willing to get out in their community and spread the word about 360. We are always looking for great people that share our vision and passion for supporting athletes. The ideal individual is someone with a bachelor's or master's degree in sports management, marketing or business; however, we are open to anyone with passion.
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