-Community revitalization fund based in the South Side of Chicago
-2 square miles south of the University of Chicago and West of the proposed Obama’s Presidential Library
-For accredited investorsĀ  based on Reg D 506 (c)

The Ask:
-$15 million Private Equity Real estate GP/LP

The Deal Structure:
-No management fee
-No broker fees
-80/20 GP/LP LLC structure
-Cash investment is secured by the fair market value real estate value

Exit Strategy:
-Investors have the option to exit at 16% – 25% ROI as first out investors for up to $22.5million of a concurrent $75 million Regulation A+ (tier II) public offering
-The secondary market consists of in-state retail and institutional investors with a vested interest in the upside in real estate and business value in the Woodlawn section of Chicago

The Team:
Sponsor: The Desmond Clark Investment Group
Developer: Local developers with proven experience building in Woodlawn
Owner’s Rep: Skanska, Turner, AECOM, or Lend Lease strategic development partners
The fund manager: 360 SportTs, Inc. real estate, capital, and advisory divisions
No fee escrow held by Morgan Stanley, the official broker-dealer of record